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Nisca PR-C101 Printer
  • 24-bit color
  • Removable card hopper
  • High durability, low maintenance, 50,000 cards Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Compact
  • Rotating LCD panel
  • Mid Level Printer
  • Dual Sided Printing
  • 24-bit color
  • Supports XP, Vista, Win 8 (32/64 bits), Win 8.1, Win 10
  • Optional lamination with the PR-L151 laminator.
  • 600 dpi
  • Full Bleed image printing
  • Built in Ethernet interface
  • Optional lamination with the L201

Compatible with PR-C151

Fast speed

  • Compatible with PR-C201
  • Extend the life of your ID card with lamination protection
  • Provide an extra layer of protection and security - an essential security element for government


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